Artist Talk: Rosalie Favell

Artist Talk: Rosalie Favell

Sunday, May 12, 2019 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm

In the Alma Duncan Salon, Level 3.

Learn more about Rosalie Favell's art practice, and the collaborative project that brought together ten Indigenous artists from Australia and Canada to create the exhibition Wrapped in Culture. 

Rosalie Favell is a photo-based artist, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Drawing inspiration from her family history and Métis (Cree/English) heritage, she uses a variety of sources, from family albums to popular culture, to present a complex self-portrait of her experiences as a contemporary aboriginal woman. To date Rosalie’s work has explored the relation of photography to issues of identity. A major body of recent work, Facing the Camera (2008-ongoing), is a large document of Aboriginal artists (450+). Favell has received enormous support from her fellow Aboriginal artists for her project, photographing them in different cities to give as much representation of her community as possible. During her residency in Australia in 2016, she met renowned Aboriginal artist Maree Clarke. This key encounter inspired her to initiate a new project, Wrapped in Culture, which brought together 10 Indigenous artists from Australia and Canada. Collaboratively the artists created a contemporary version of a possum skin cloak and a buffalo robe, drawing from culturally distinct yet similar artistic traditions that historically have sacred and practical uses.

Exhibition on view from April 12 – September 15, 2019​.