David R. Harper: Entre le chien et le loup

Extended to June 8, 2014

A multi-layered expression, “entre chien et loup” is used to describe a specific time of day, just before night, when the light is so dim one cannot distinguish a dog from a wolf. It expresses an uncertain threshold between hope and fear, between the familiar and comfortable, and the unknown and dangerous.

In this exhibition, David R. Harper is interested in the form and idea of memorials, those markers that formalize links between memory and present experience. Using sculptural strategies that combine taxidermy with ceramics and embroidery, Harper refers to modes of craft and ornament that suggest a sense of history. Speaking to the intersections of personal and universal mythologies, liminality and identity, Harper engages the viewer in a dialogue on the metaphoric weight that the objects present both historically and emotionally.

Organized by the Doris McCarthy Gallery in partnership with the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kenderdine Art Gallery, and Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery.

Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council.