Larger Than Life: Contemporary Art from the Yukon

April 18 to May 24, 2013
Sonja Ahlers, Rosemary Scanlon, Joseph Tisiga, Veronica Verkley

On the Klondike Highway from B.C. to the Yukon, winding around lakes and mountains, suddenly, a sign appears. It reads: “Yukon: Larger than Life.” This exhibition of work by contemporary artists based in the Yukon, looks upon the region’s vast expanses, while not necessarily embracing what we tend to think of the Great White North.

The artists explore storytelling and the imaginary within their interpretations of nature and the everyday through video, collage, mixed media, and painting. Larger Than Life offers a cross-section of contemporary art in the Yukon, which critically and indirectly examines the region's socio-political dynamics.

The Ottawa Art Gallery gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of our members, donors and sponsors, as well as the City of Ottawa, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts council.

Partners: Yukon Arts Centre and Galerie SAW Gallery

Presented in association with the NAC's Northern Scene: Opening night during SWARM on April 26, 2013.