What is ArtWise?
ArtWise is an opportunity for older adults in the Ottawa region to connect with their peers and collaborate on creating programming at the Ottawa Art Gallery that reflects their interests, draws on their lived experience, and promotes intergenerational engagement with the arts.

ArtWise meets regularly as a volunteer programming council to participate in discussions about art, society, and the issues that matter most to the group. Collaborating with gallery staff, local artists, and invited guests, the ArtWise council proposes and initiates programming, including lectures, exhibition projects, field trips, workshops, events, art projects and more.  

How to get involved?
Membership in ArtWise requires a one-year commitment and is open to anyone who self-identifies as an older adult in the Ottawa region, is interested in culture, or thinks they could be. ArtWise aims to attract a broad range of people who enjoy sharing their interests with others, in a supportive and culturally inclusive environment.

CONTACT: or 613.233.8699+227

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StartUp is Ottawa Art Gallery’s new youth council. It empowers creative minds aged 17-25 to make the OAG more relevant and inclusive for local youth. The council meets monthly to discuss, plan, and organize programs that highlight and support the creative potential of the next generation of arts leaders. Members of the council will have the opportunity to connect with the Ottawa arts community, gain experience developing cultural programs, writing content for the gallery’s blog, and working with local artists on events and public art installations. Interested in getting involved? Spots on the council are limited, but we are always looking for volunteers. Participation on the council requires a commitment of 1 to 2 evenings a month for one year. Interested in getting involved?


StartUp is supported by TD.


Creative Sundays

Sundays, 1 PM to 3 PM | Free
Suitable for all ages. No registration required.

Join us for a weekly drop-in creative activity suitable for all ages. Discover the current exhibition with a knowledgeable gallery educator and explore your creativity with family and friends.

Please note: From February 2017 to May 2017, Creative Sundays will be held at the OAG Annex Gallery at City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West.

Join the Creative Sundays mailing list to receive monthly activity updates: or 613.233.8699 +250

Sponsored by Welch LLP.



Toddler Mornings

Toddler Mornings is an opportunity for toddlers and their caregivers to enjoy creative play at the Ottawa Art Gallery. Join us on the first Wednesday of the month to explore a variety of games and activities that foster creativity and problem solving skills. Take in the current exhibition and enjoy a relaxed social setting with other adults, while bonding and having fun with your little one.

Please note:  From February to May 2017, Toddler Mornings will be held at the OAG Annex Gallery at City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West.

CONTACT: or 613.233.8699 +250


Art Tent

The Great-West Life OAG Art Tent is a mobile art studio that travels to festivals and community events throughout the warmer months. The tent provides a fun, friendly, and bilingual space for adults and kids of all ages to explore their creativity.

Art tent activities are always free.